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Free traffic from organic search results is the best and cheapest way to get visitors for a website. Though it sounds good - it's a jungle out there. More then a billion web pages are competing against each other for the top 10 positions to get this traffic. So how to get there? We can help you.

Our Search Engine Ranking Services will help you to gain TOP ranks in major search engines to build your business on the net.

Our Proven Approach to Search Engine Placement is 100% Guaranteed.

Today to do business on the net what you need is a strong web presence and great brand recognition. This means ever increasing sales and more revenue.

If your site appears in the top 10 positions in the major search engines like Google, Yahoo and MSN you will make more sales. But you need assurances that this process will be done efficiently, effectively, and ethically.

This is what we do and with a 100% Guarantee. We help you to get top placements in the search engines or ALL your money back.

We specialize in achieving top placement in the major search engines for your company's Web site. We do this with a proprietary, proven search engine optimization strategy that generates results.

Here is what we will do:

  • We will review your site, your business and your competitors.

  • Our team of experienced keyword researchers will get the most effective keywords for your site. These keywords will bring in the targeted traffic to your site. There will be certain keywords that your competitors have somehow neglected. Of course you will approve all the keywords before we start optimizing them.

  • Implement these Keywords in your site without changing the look and feel of your site. Using those keywords we will create optimized pages to get top positions in major search engines. Our expert content writers will do that for you. Our main focus will be search engines like Google, Yahoo and MSN.

  • Manually submit your site's each and every page to the search engines in a timely and ethical manner as required by the search engines and directories. This is unlike many companies who submit the sites using search engine submission software. The search engines don’t like it and may even ban those sites that have been submitted using software.

  • Conduct an extensive link exchange program with quality sites. We will make a separate links page with the same feel of your site.

  • We then submit the web pages that link to your site to the search engines.

Our approach is ethical and spam free. You can depend on us.

There are billions of web pages on the net and they are growing every day. That’s the reason why you should start TODAY to optimize your site.

We help you to stand out from the e-commerce crowd and help your business grow.

And here is our Guarantee:

If we fail to achieve the guaranteed number of top 10 positions within 6 months from the day you approve the keywords – we will refund the entire amount that you have paid us – no questions asked.

We understand that to do business on the net what you need is traffic, traffic and more traffic. Once done and done properly search engine optimization will help you to get traffic day after day, over and over again. You need not spend a single penny later to get visitors.

Search engine optimization is important. These are some of the facts:

  • More than 87% of people find out about new websites through search engines (according to the recent survey by the Georgia Institute of Technology).

  • When people search they look through the first 2 pages of the search engines results. Websites listed on the 3rd page onwards are rarely seen.

If you optimize your site instead of your competitors then you stand to gain. This is where we can help you. Our search engines optimization services will give your site the strength to race ahead of the competition.

Order our search engine optimization services and we will convert your site into a traffic machine.

Every week we will mail you telling you what exactly has been done and how things are progressing. We think you are the best person for your business and so you must know how we are optimizing your site.

We have three SEO packages:

  • Small Business Package: This is good for webmasters who have just developed a site to do business online. We will optimize your site for 5 keywords and guarantee 3 top 10 positions. You don’t have to pay a cent extra if we achieve more top ten positions. Only $499.

  • Mid-Business Package: For those who are in the online business for sometime and need more traffic. We will optimize your site for 10 keywords and guarantee 6 top 10 positions. You don’t have to pay a cent extra if we achieve more top ten positions. Only $999.

  • Large Business Package: If you get paid traffic and you need more free traffic then this package is for you. We will optimize your site for 15 keywords and guarantee 9 top 10 positions. You don’t have to pay a cent extra if we achieve more top ten positions. Only $1499.

Order With 100% Confidence. That’s Our Guarantee to You.

Internet is a great place to do business but it’s easy to get lost. We want you to stand out from the crowd and will make it happen. Remember our Guarantee – we will refund the entire amount if we fail to deliver what we promise.

Why we are giving you this Guarantee? It’s only because we are confident to help your site get top positions.

We have a team of SEO experts and content writers who constantly study the behavioral patterns of the major search engines day in and day out. They keep track of search engine's submission process, spidering (crawling) pattern, ranking methodologies as well as change in their overall algorithms. Your site will be in the hands of experts!

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