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Read this if you don't know what an affiliate program means:

Affiliate Programs (also known as Associate Programs) are one of the best ways to sell a product or service on the Internet. What happens is - somebody else (called as your affiliate) markets your product/service, online or off-line through a unique URL given to them. If and ONLY if somebody buys your product referred by your affiliate within a time limit, that particular affiliate gets a commission. Note that your affiliate gets a commission only when somebody buys your product. Affiliate Programs are an all-win situation for people selling products or services on the net. Since you pay nothing if you get nothing.

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The time limit to sell a product once your affiliate has introduced a prospective client to your site may vary from site to site, say from a month to a year or even 10 years in some cases. Even the percentage offered to affiliates vary. Some offer 30% of the product's price to their affiliates while some offer 10% or even less. All this depends on the owner of the product/service. As you can see, this is quite a complex thing - you have to keep track of your affiliates, hits to your website from theirs, the date and time of the hit, total number of products sold, the commission earned by your affiliates etc. Programing an affiliate program is very difficult, time consuming, and costly. The best option is take help of a Professional Tailor-made Software or a Third Party who can do the same job for you almost instantly. They will monitor click-through from affiliates, sales, commission to be paid, etc. They are highly cost-effective too.

I have listed a few but great Affiliate Program providers. I recommend that you read what's written on their Websites, what they offer, and according to YOUR needs, buy a Service or Affiliate Software.

  • Affiliate Tracking - This is one of the best Affiliate Software I have seen on the Internet. It has solutions for nearly ANY kind of online business.
    Basic - For single webmasters and small business administrators.
    Basic Plus - For webmasters and businesses with more substantial tracking needs.
    Semi-Dedicated - A larger business solution for heavy website traffic.
    Dedicated - A solution for extremely high end businesses.
    Licensed - A complete, in-house, Affiliate Program Management and tracking solution.
  • Buy the best suitable software for your business requirements. An Affiliate Software Highly RECOMMENDED.
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  • My Affiliate Program - My Affiliate Program is a great software that has the ability to do all what is written above. The installation is very easy and its very comfortable to work with. If you are selling a product online and still not running an Affiliate Program - you are loosing a chunk of business everyday. Buy this amazing software today.
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  • 1Automationwiz - This software has a Built in Affiliate Program plus a whole lot of features like - Unlimited Autoresponders & email broadcast, integrated secure shopping cart software, digital delivery for ebooks & software, web based online survey & web mail-forms, over 35 payment gateways support, secure prospect, customer & product database, newsletter/ezine management, real time tracking for ads, leads, & sales, built-in "pop-up/under" wizard, live tech support - Free! No Programming Required! No Software To Download! You will get a good Affiliate Manager and a Complete Sales Manager will come for FREE - At Unbelievable Cost!
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  • AssocTRAC Commission - Learn how to get the best from affiliate programs. They are the HOTTEST and FASTEST way to sell your product/service. You ONLY pay for advertising that generates you sales, not impressions or click-throughs, but actual sales – resulting in no “out of pocket” expenses! It just doesn't get any better than this! Click here to learn how you can use this technique to explode your profits online.

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