Content Writing Tips

Content Writing Tips


Content is the King. This statement is true for all the websites independent of the niche. The website content is one of the most important factors in determining good search engine ranking. If your content is good the search engines will like it; the visitors will love it and also other webmasters will like it. If the search engines like it – you get top rankings. If visitors like it – you make more sales. If webmasters like it – they will link to your site, and your link popularity will improve. So you gain a lot with the good content.

However, to get good ranks for popular search terms, you will have to keep a few things in mind.

The most important thing to understand before starting to write down the content of a Web page is the phrases or the keywords you are targeting. For example, if your page is about website hosting, your target keyword could be “website hosting” or “domain hosting” or “web hosting”; if your site is about SEO agency in Dubai, the targeted keywords can be, “SEO Dubai” or “Dubai SEO” or “SEO services in Dubai” etc. It’s always better to optimize a single page for a single keyword. Like you can sail in only one boat, if you try to navigate in two, you get drowned.


If a single page is focused and optimized for one popular keyword, it’s more likely that it gets the top rank in search engines, else the page doesn’t get a good rank for either of the many keywords. If you are targeting a lot of keywords, there is a simple solution – make different keyword rich pages.


This idea has a benefit. As your organization grows with time, you can keep adding pages and hence targeting more keywords without much changing your Website. Of course, do not forget to link the new page from one of the pages of your site.


The best idea is to make a page that has links to all the pages of your Website. This page should be linked from your index or home page. Now, automatically all your pages are interconnected and therefore accessible for the search engines. That being the case you can submit only this single page to the search engines, and they will themselves find all the pages. Whenever you add a new page just add another link in the link-to-all page that points to the new page.


So, to make your web page content really work for you, apart from extensive research and excellent writing, you also need the expertise to put in on the web in the right way, so that it becomes visible to its potential readers.

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