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Enhance.com (Enhance Interactive) Pay Per Click Search Engine!

Enhance advertising - Save $25.

Enhance Interactive also known as Enhance, ahha, ah-ha, Enhance.com is a major pay per click search engine. Enhance Interactive or Enhance.com was formerly known as ah-ha.com search engine. Enhance offers quality, discounted pay-per-click advertising. Its one of the leading pay-for-performance search engines and provides one of the most effective type of online advertising.

It takes $50 to open an account with them. We have partnered with them to offer you a discount of $25. Click here to register and get the discount.

Enhance Interactive has just undergone a site re-design featuring a new and improved accounts area. You can participate in its LogoLink program by including a logo graphic next to your listing. Listing your site with Enhance Interactive will make your site visible to about 50% of the top 10 pay per click search engines.

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Why we recommend Enhance Interactive?
  • Founded in 1999, Enhance Interactive is a leader in pay-per-click advertising.
  • Nearly 2 billion of searches per month.
  • Over 350 high-quality distribution partners.
  • Thousands of active clients.
  • Drive traffic for as little as $0.03 per click.
  • Effective marketing strategy and excellent ROI.
  • Excellent supplement to your existing online marketing campaign.
  • Friendly and helpful customer service - Now featuring LiveHelp. This tool allows you to instant message a Client Support Specialist during their regular Client Support hours.
  • Logo Links (a small logo that also serves as a link to the advertiser's site. It appears to the left of an accompanying listing in the search results.)
  • Offering Banner advertising opportunities that can be managed directly through your account management center.
  • Focused on the family (clean search - no porn).
  • Low bids starting at - US $0.03.

Enhance is Publicly traded on NASDAQ: MCHX

In March 2003, Enhance Interactive was acquired by Marchex, Inc., an innovator in the search/directory space since 1996.

Enhance Interactive is anchored by its Paid Listings program and offers two sign up options: the professional full-service Paid Listings account for $99.00, and the self-service Paid Listings account with no sign up fee. New accounts require an opening $50.00 deposit (all deposited towards clicks).

The professional full-service account includes professional keyword, title and description creation, mass keyword updates and changes, personal account representative, a new and improved Account Management System, LogoLinks™ free for one month and free LogoLinks™ creation. LogoLinks™ are small graphics or logos that appear next to your search listings. LogoLinks™ are designed specifically for each advertiser and is a cost-effective method of generating high-quality traffic and raising response rates. Advertisers should be in the search results within two business days upon submission of their keywords.

The self-service account offers advertisers an editorial review of their keywords, mass keyword updates and changes and access to the advanced AMS. Advertisers will be in the search results within two business days upon submission of their keywords, and may upgrade their account at any time.

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