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Excite.com is a major search engine. It is ranked among the top 10 search engines. Now you can list your site in the excite search engine for very little for a whole year. This program is called "Guaranteed Search Inclusion".

Guaranteed Search Inclusion is a Paid Inclusion product. Now you can guarantee that your site is included in the search index of Excite and other leading search sites across the Internet.

When you submit your Web addresses to Excite, they add them to their search index - Guaranteed. This way, when millions of Excite, searchers look for the products and services you sell, your business is one of the Web sites they can find.

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Traditionally, search engines require you to pay per every URL on your entire website, review only a portion of your site, and only refresh your site once a month or less. With the Guaranteed Search Inclusion program, you can submit your website for one bulk price; and regular 48-hour indexing allows for updates to be reflected immediately in the search results on your selected web pages. Exposure is key in the Internet Industry. Guaranteed Search Inclusion makes it affordable to enroll your entire site; ensuring you receive maximum exposure for your website.

Excite Search Partner Network includes - NBC.com, Dogpile, Verizon.com, MetaCrawler.com, WebCrawler and many more!

Why we recommend Guaranteed Search Inclusion program of Excite Search Engine?
  • Your site will get maximum exposure - it will be in the search index of Excite and other leading search sites across the Internet.
  • Regular refresh - every 48 hours. So if yours is a dynamic site - Excite search engine is of great help.
  • High-quality distribution partners - NBC.com, Dogpile, Verizon.com, MetaCrawler.com, WebCrawler and many more!
  • Target over 21 million potential customers. (Source: Media Metrix, Digital Calculator Report).
  • Reach 12 million Web searchers who don't use Yahoo! to search. (Source: Media Metrix, Digital Calculator Report).
  • One of the most cost effective means of online advertising available today - since you do not pay per click but once in the whole year - irrespective of how many clicks you receive every day, month or year. This is unlike pay per click search engines where you pay per click - sometimes each click may cost you well over a dollar.
  • You can track your results (ROI) with Excite's Advanced Reporting Options.
  • Excellent supplement to your existing online marketing campaign.
  • Excite provides some of the greatest customer service in the industry.

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