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Search Engine Optimization Promotion - FAQ!

Q) What is
A) You see, today an online business cannot survive if its not known by people looking for services and/or products online. 10 years ago things were different. You just had to open a web site and you start doing business online. Web site promotion was a simple concept then. It was mainly through word of mouth and a few emails. But today the scenario has completely changed. Web site promotion has become a very complex subject. Web Site Promotion gurus are working day in and day out to learn the complex ways of promoting a web site. Even they would agree that the best way to promote your web site is through the search engines. This opened doors for many opportunists looking for quick money. The result - many unscrupulous search engine ranking firms. Since this business is very cheap to establish, is based on promises and nobody knows nobody, many SEO firms came and made a lot of money and then went away. They did business by giving away false promises and a lot of innocent webmasters would fall in prey. Unfortunately this is happening even today! How do you know which search engine optimization firm is worth investing? Have you done a research? Are you sure you are parting with a lot of money for good?

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Search Engine Optimization was opened for this reason. We give guaranteed search engine optimization and ranking services to our clients. That means if we do not perform, you get back your money - its that simple. We also provide a whole lot of interesting and proven optimization tools. These software will help you to stay fit in the optimization world for a long time to come.

Q) Where do I find the list of the best SEO tools?
A) You can find them here! Do not forget to read the blurb in front of them. It has some important information. For example why you should buy that tool, the benefits etc.

Q) What else this site has to offer?
A) We have a list of some very important Internet marketing, affiliate program software and eBooks that can help you a lot in the long run. We believe if your basics are clear about Internet marketing you can achieve much yourself. These eBooks have a lot of knowledge in them, enough for you to understand the world of search engines, the way they rank a web site and other factors that are important to Internet marketing. In fact we are sure if you follow a few eBooks given in our site, you will never need search engine specialists to do the job for you. You can do it all by yourself. Click here to see the list.

Q) Why on Earth are you doing this? You provide us with the very best on search engine ranking without asking us a cent. Is this a kind of social service?
A) That's a good question. Well, nobody on this Earth does social service. Those who do, aim for something in return. When you order a product or service through our web site we do get a paltry percentage of the amount you paid, but that's only to keep this site up and running. If something is left we keep it. After all we deserve that small amount to give you such valuable information.

Q) This means I pay more for a SEO tool if I order from your website?
A) Absolutely NOT. You pay the same as anyone else does for any tool or product listed here though not ordered from our website.

If you have any question on our web site or on search engine optimization please email us. We will be happy to assist you.

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