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HOME | FREE OPTIMIZATION TIPS | SOFTWARE | CONTACT US | FAQ | ABOUT US - FindWhat Pay Per Click Search Engine! Search Engine - Get $5. is one of the top pay per click search engine based on value per click (ROI), ease of advertiser usability, and, most importantly, their targeted traffic. They serve well over 22 million searches a day through such affiliates as CNET's,, Webcrawler, MetaCrawler,, and Microsoft Internet Explorer Autosearch.

FindWhat search engine now offers tools to help manage our campaigns - CruiseControl - a Suite of Tools to Automate Campaign Management. Tools included: AutoBid™ which automatically optimizes keyword bids; AdAnalyzer™, an analytical tool that gives advertisers the ability to monitor the actual return on investment (ROI) and a Campaign Scheduler, a tool that allows advertisers to schedule when campaigns will run.

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Signup with Enhance Interactive ( to Get $25 Credit's bid prices are much lower that Overture and other costly pay per click campaigns. Their customer service is excellent. We now have an ability to bid on a wider range of keywords combined with a high click-to-sales ratio. If you have a limited budget and cannot offer more than 50 cents per click then here is a perfect low cost way of driving targeted, qualified traffic to your Web site.

You pay only when a prospect clicks on your advertisement. Generally lower prices for keywords combined with highly relevant traffic gives FindWhat's advertisers industry-leading returns on their advertising investment.

And, any time you have a question, comment or suggestion, or you'd like some help with your advertisements, you have direct access to their friendly, professional customer solutions team via email or telephone.

Why we recommend Pay Per Click Search Engine?
  • Growing rapidly.
  • Generally much lower bids than
  • Very simple-to-follow advertiser interface.
  • Major distribution through: CNET's,, Webcrawler, MetaCrawler,, and Microsoft Internet Explorer Autosearch.
  • High click to sales ratio.
  • Maximum exposure for minimum cost.
  • Well organized.
  • Great customer service department.
  • "Search Term Suggestion Tool".
  • Shows ranking of key term at time of bid placement.
  • A leader in fraud protection.
  • Suite of Tools to Automate Campaign Management - AutoBid(TM), AdAnalyzer(TM) and a Campaign Scheduler.
  • New "URL Masking" feature. is Publicly traded on NASDAQ: FWHT

With no minimum monthly spend, you are free to choose your own advertising strategy and modify your campaigns in the manner that you determine brings you the most for your investment.

Other features: Fast review of new keywords. Recently it merged with ESPOTTING - a leading UK based pay per click search engine to send traffic to UK based customers if you desire.

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