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Major Search Engines!

We submit your site manually to the following major search engines twice every month for 6 months from the day of the order.

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Name: AllTheWeb, also known as FAST Search
Description: AllTheWeb or FAST Search has one of the largest indexes of the web. FAST also offers large multimedia and mobile/wireless web indexes, available from its site. The search engine is a showcase for FAST's search technologies. FAST's results are provideded to numerous portals, including those run by Terra Lycos. FAST Search was launched in May 1999.


Name: AltaVista
Description: It is one of the oldest crawler-based search engines on the web. It has a large index of web pages and a wide range of power searching commands. It also offers news search, shopping search and multimedia search. AltaVista opened in December 1995. It was owned by Digital, then run by Compaq (which purchased Digital in 1998), then spun off into a separate company, which is now controlled by CMGI.


Name: Excite
Description: Excite is no more an independent search engine. It has partnered with Lycos Search to display its results.


Name: Google
Description: Google is the almost always the top choice for web searchers throughout the world because of the quality of its search results. It offers the largest collection of web pages (more than 3 billion now and still increasing) of any crawler-based search engine. Google makes heavy use of incoming links as a primary way to rank these pages. It has come out with its unique and patented technology called the Page Rank (PR). A high PR site is likely to get top ranks in the search queries. Sites with high number of incoming links get high PR. This can be especially helpful in finding good sites in response to general searches such as "loans" and "travel," because webmasters are likely to link to good sites across the web. Google provides web page search results to a variety of partners. Google also provides the ability to search for images and news through UseNet discussions and its own version of the Open Directory (


Name: HotBot
Description: In most cases, HotBot's first page of results comes from the Direct Hit service, and then secondary results come from the Inktomi search engine, which is also used by other services. It gets its directory information from the Open Directory project. HotBot was launched in May 1996 as Wired Digital. Lycos purchased Wired Digital in October 1998 and continues to run HotBot as a separate search service.


Name: LookSmart
Description: LookSmart is a human-compiled directory of web sites. In addition to being a stand-alone service, LookSmart provides directory results to MSN Search, Excite and many other partners. Inktomi provides LookSmart with search results when a search fails to find a match from among LookSmart's reviews.


Name: Lycos
Description: Lycos started out as a search engine, depending on listings that came from spidering the web. In April 1999, it shifted to a directory model similar to Yahoo. Its main listings come from AllTheWeb with some results from the Open Directory project ( In October 1998, Lycos acquired the competing HotBot search service, which continues to be run separately.


MSN Search
Name: MSN Search
Description: Microsoft's MSN Search service is a LookSmart powered directory of web sites, with secondary results that come from Inktomi. Direct Hit data is also made available. MSN is now coming out with its own independent free search engine, though it might take some time.


Name: Teoma
Description: Teoma is one of the latest entrant in the search engine scene, and also one of the few to make it to the top 10 list within months of it’s launch. AskJeeves in March 2002 bought over Teoma and replaced it with Directhit as the main data backend of its network.


Name: Yahoo
Description: Yahoo is the web's most popular search service and has a well-deserved reputation for helping people find information easily. The secret to Yahoo's success is human beings - a human edited directory of quality websites. It is the largest human-compiled guide to the web, employing about 150 editors in an effort to categorize the web. Yahoo has well over 1 million sites listed. Yahoo is the oldest major web site directory, having launched in late 1994. Yahoo has partnered with Overture displaying its top results as sponsored listings.

Here is the list of all 75 search engines we submit your site to:

S.No Engine S.No Engine S.No Engine
1 Google 26 official Search 51 Search Hippo
2 Altavista 27 True search 52 Search King
3 Alltheweb 28 Splat 53 Zen Search
4 AOL 29 Where Do I Find 54 A2Z Solutions
5 Lycos 30 Aeiwi  55 Giga Blast
6 Northern Light 31 Ah-Ha 56 Web Squash
7 infospace 32 Net Insert 57 Wal Hello
8 about 33 Starting Point  58 Rex
9 ExactSeek 34 CurryGuide  59 Info Probe
10 dmoz 35 Evansville 60 Entire Web
11 Jayde 36 Buzzle 61 atoz
12 Splut (UK) 37 2Kcity 62 Hot Launch
13 Fireball (Germany ) 38 InfoTiger 63 Bhanvad
14 Claymont 39 Intel Seek 64 Link Scout
15 FindInfo 40 Clickey 65 Mix Cat
16 Look 41 Scrubtheweb 66 Web 100
17 Where to Go 42 Mavicanet 67 Web Trawler
18 Search UK 43 ExactSeek 68 Yu Search
19 Surfgopher 44 hotrate 69 7 Search
20 Voila 45 Noago 70 Asia Dragons
21 TryAmerica 46 Any Search Info 71 Khoj
22 Mirago 47 Alexa 72 123India (Asia)
23 Thaiseek 48 Hidden Street 73 123Khoj (Asia)
24 whatUseek 49 Sympatico 74 Bharat Seek
25 Moshix2 50 Ha Search 75 India a2z

In addition to these we also submit to your site to region specific search engines.

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