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AtlasOnePoint - we recommend this software tool for your all your pay per click search engine bid management requirements!


Why do you need a pay per click search engine management software tool or service?

Pay per click search engines are good to get instant clicks. But as everything has side effects even pay per click search engines have them. As there are numerous people bidding for popular keywords - you are not alone in this pay per click world - you need to constantly look and upgrade /change your bids for your most important and performing keywords. You may also need to look into your PPC stats for click-through rates and ROI so that you do not exceed paying per click than what you can afford for. This is for just 1 search engine. What if you have listed your site in many search engines? Slowly, the time these PPCSE's will consume will be more than the time you will be giving to your customers - a situation you would rather not like to fall into.

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So, better let a pay per click search engine bid management tool, software or service provider do it. Since bid management is more a technical job than a job where you got to think and react - a software tool should be your first preference, a service provider second.

Why we recommend AtlasOnePoint?

  • It provides bid management for Google AdWords, FindWhat, Overture (US, DE, UK and FR), Kanoodle, ah-ha, Sprinks, goClick, ePilot, Search123, 7search, BrainFox, Espotting (FR, DE, UK, SP and IT), SearchFeed, Turbo10, Xuppa (Bay9) and many more.
  • You get a Full Featured 14 day Free Trial - to understand it better.
  • It offers the ability to manage multiple URLs from one account.
  • It offers a very useful ROI tracking, analysis and reporting fea