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How To Bid For Pay Per Click Search Engines!

Free search engines are not the only way to get traffic. Pay Per Click Search Engines are today playing a vital role in generating traffic. The difference is that here you pay for each unique click to your site - unlike the free search engines where you pay nothing, but if you are not in their search results at top 20, nobody will visit your site. With pay per click search engines you are free to decide your position. If you want to be on top of stheir search results, you will be on top! It only depends on how much you are willing to pay for each click. The cost for each click may very depending on the pay per click search engines and your selection of keywords. Believe me sometimes it can go to ROCK BOTTOM PRICES for a lot of traffic. Many pay per click search engines have a minimum bid of $0.01 which means you can get upto 2500 unique clicks for spending just $25. This is unbelievable considering the amount you pay to search engine ranking companies to do the same job for you - getting traffic. Mind it - traffic is traffic, whether it is coming from a free search engine like Google or any pay per click search engine or anywhere else.

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Pay Per Click Search Engines are a nice idea to attract very genuine and serious visitors, though most of the traffic to a website comes from the free search engines. Still, it's not necessarily a bad idea to try some popular pay per click search engines when your business is steady or even when you have just begin online. The pay per click search engines can give you initial traffic required to carry on your business - sometimes for very cheap. We will discuss the popular pay per click search engines later. As always, your first priority should be getting top ranks in the free search engines. They are the ones who will give you good traffic - free of cost.

If you are thinking to pay a pay per click search engine you should know how to go about it, what keywords to bid etc. These are a few important things you should know:

First - Research a lot before trying any pay per click search engine. You should know exactly why you are going for a pay per click search engine or engines. If you are trying a pay per click search engine just because you are getting good traffic but a low Conversion Rate (CR), then forget pay per click search engines - they won't help. There is some problem with your site or the product/service. Either you are not delivering what you are promising to your customers, or there is some serious problem with the content of your website. Review your product and your website again and try your luck.

Second - Bid for your most popular, business giving keywords first, and not just popular keywords. Since you are paying for each click you do not want not-so-serious visitors, is it? Therefore it is always better to know those keywords that are giving you business and then try pay per click search engine. Always bid on these keywords else you will waste your money.

Third - Some pay per click search engines only show 10 sites on the first page of their search results. Never bid for a spot on page 2 of pay per click search engines. Very rarely a visitor goes to the next page. There is no need to since she gets what she is looking for in the first page itself. To make a start bid a penny higher than the last site in the first page (spot 10). That way you can stay in the first page of the search results and stay in competition. Of course if you can bid higher than the highest site there is no stopping.

Fourth - Your bidding must make a Financial Sense. Buy cheap but result orienting keywords. There is no way you are going to pay $5.00 for a single click on popular keywords, not unless you are selling a product that has a profit of $200 and you have at least a 10% CR.
Simple mathematics: Suppose you get 100 visitors everyday. You are paying = 100 * $5 = $500. Considering a 10% CR you make a profit of 10 * $200 = $2000. Your total profit = $2000 - $500 = $1500 everyday. In other words one fourth of your profit goes to pay per click search engine.

Fifth - Write your Title and Description in such a way that only serious customers click since each click costs you. A searcher who reads your Title and Description should clearly understand what she'd get if she clicks. If it does not interest her, she doesn't click - which is exactly what you want. Why pay for a click by someone who hits the back button as soon as she arrives?

Some popular pay per click search engines:

  • Overture

    The most popular and effective of all the pay per clicks search engine is Overture. Advertising in Overture will put your site in the search results of Yahoo!, MSN, AllTheWeb, Altavista, Ask, and many major search engines, directories and portals.

    You can register for a bidding account with Overture at:

    Download their mass-submission Excel template - Basic or Power form, either one is OK. They prefer if you use the Power form.

    For more information on Overture Search Engine and how you can Save up to $50 advertising in Overture with our help - please click here!

    An Important Note:

    Other than providing its own search results, Overture supplies listings for many major search portals such as Lycos, AltaVista, AlltheWeb etc. and some large Meta Search Engines too.

    Overture will generate more traffic for you than all other pay per click search engines combined. If you are planning for a single PPC - go for Overture, but the disadvantage with Overture is that it's too costly. Each click from Overture will cost you more than from any other pay per click search engine. If you own a small business online there is no need to try Overture at first. I have listed some very popular PPC search engines below. They are great too and surprisingly for very cheap can bring you a lot of traffic.

    Some popular pay per click search engines are listed below in order of approximate importance. They can get you initial traffic for very cheap when you are trying to start a business online. There may be some other PPC search engines too that are not listed here, but they do not generate enough traffic to be worth your time.

  • FindWhat

    After Overture, this is the most popular pay per click search engine in the world. They have a huge partner network. Based on your keywords they will advertise throughout their network including some search engines such as CNET's, Excite, Webcrawler, NBCi, MetaCrawler, Dogpile, and Go2Net. You can determine what price you are willing to pay for each click. Pay them just $25 to register and start getting TRAFFIC from the VERY NEXT DAY. Minimum bid amount is very low. Great customer service department. If you want to read more about FindWhat please click here!

    Register TODAY and start getting visitors to YOUR website instantly. Most Recommended!

    Click Here to Register with FindWhat!

  • GoClick

    GoClick is growing in traffic everyday - serving almost 70 million search a month. Some new tools and utilities are now added. You can have bids automatically raised or lowered based on a maximum amount set by you. You can also target local areas - select from US/Canada or worldwide specific traffic.

    An easy interface to change Titles, URLs and Descriptions. Also easily add and remove keywords and change bids in the GoClick accounts area. If you have thousands of keywords, you can use the readily available bulk submission tool.

    It has one of the most user friendly and effective account management systems. An interesting thing is - become its affiliate and earn cash for every search made or referral from your site. You can then convert the money earned to pay for your advertisement or take away cash.

    GoClick has a lot of search partners. Major search distribution partners includes - (through which they reach and, and

    Offers a PayPal payment option.

    Click here to visit GoClick or search what you are looking for in the box provided!

    Find it fast with!

  • Search123

    You can register for an account with them by clicking here! Once you register they will send you the mass submission Excel template.

  • Kanoodle

    Sites that currently display's listings include CNet,, Oingo,, NetZero and 9800 other search enabled sites. For more information on Kanoodle please click here.

    Once you register as an advertiser, you will be guided to download their mass-submission Excel template.

  • Ah-ha

    They do not have a template, but you can submit a spreadsheet that lists your keywords and their URLs, titles, descriptions, and bid amounts. To register an account with them click here!

  • Espotting

    If your client base is in Europe there isn't any need to look farther. This single pay per click search engine will expose your business to more than 70% of the online community of Europe. Espotting has been named 'Best European Paid Placement Service' for 2002 by one of the most respected search engine analysis sites on the Internet, Search Engine Watch. Espotting topped the voting, getting the nod from 40% of voters. If you want to register an account with Espotting please click here.

  • Bay9

    You can register for an account with them at:

    Download their mass-submission Excel template. Bay 9, formerly named RocketLinks, delivers substantially more traffic than the remaining six. If you only have time for two PPC search engines, make it Overture and Bay9.

  • 7Search

    You can register for an account with them at:

    They do have a mass-submission Excel template. Download it.

  • ePilot

    You can register for an account with them at:

    While you visit, download their mass-submission Excel template.

  • Sprinks

    You can register for an account with them at:

    While you visit, download their mass-submission Excel template. It's a bit complex to work with, still you'll need it.

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