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Pay Per Click Search Engine -! is a pay per click search engine where people pay for other people to search on their site. Currently we have a minimum $50 deposit. is a Bid for Location search engine. Under this system, website owners determine their location in our search results by listing appropriate keyword search terms and a bid price for their location. After the paid web sites are listed via search results, traditional search engine results follow. Businesses that bid on search words pay only for the actual traffic they get to their websites.

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Sites that currently display's listings include CNet,, Oingo,, NetZero and 9800 other search enabled sites. does not offer free placements to anyone, including employees, vendors, or business partners. Only our advertisers are guaranteed placement within our search listings. It makes sense for advertisers to use because they pay only when delivers visitors to their websites. wants to work with you. We cannot be successful unless our clients are successful. We use an open bidding system where each advertiser can outbid the other in order to reach their desired position within our search results. To achieve the top position on ANY keyword that you are bidding on, simply bid higher. In the event that the same amount is bid on for a specific search term, the first person to bid on that keyword will get the upper placement.

Here at Kanoodle, we like to see our advertisers maximize their pay-per-click experience! The easiest way to ensure that you will not drop out of the running is to enroll in the Auto Recharge Program. This will recharge your funds before you miss a click.

We are also currently offering free banner rotation to our advertisers that choose to take advantage of this opportunity. Once your account is established, if you hold the number one bid position - 25 out of every 100 banner rotations will be yours attached to the searched keyword, 2nd position - 15 of 100, and 3rd position - 5 of 100. Your banner must be either in .gif or jpeg format, and 468 pixels wide by 60 pixels tall.

But for that you must register as an advertiser of Kanoodle. Once you sign up you will be guided by Kanoodle for the Mass Keyword Submission Tool.

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