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Once you are done with search engine optimization, submission, and indexing of your website it is imperative that you know the search engine ranking of your website with respect to certain keywords in some of the very popular search engines. I hope you can understand why - a good rank will bring good traffic and vice versa.

Therefore, search engine rank tracking is important, which will give you some idea of your traffic reports. If you do it manually it will take time, a lot of time. Moreover you need to check your ranks on a regular basis. Imagine if your website contains 50-100 pages and each page is focussed for three or more keywords! Making things more complicated - imagine when you have four sites up and running!

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There is a way out! Luckily there are live traffic reports and ranking software, tools and service providers who can do the job for you. After a page has been submitted, spidered and indexed, a rank tracking software reports on how that page ranks for its keyword. By spending a few dollars you stand to lose nothing. Moreover a good rank tracking software takes less than 5 minutes to generate live traffic reports. Within a few minutes you know search engine ranking of your website for your popular keywords in very important search engines.

Recommendation: Use ranking software for live traffic reports once every fortnight since at least for that time your rank remains unchanged. If your site's rank drops don't panic, read the search engine optimization advice given here. It may be that you need to change or add some content to your site. Think what can be added or changed. Do it, but make sure the new content has the low ranked keyword repeated enough number of times in it. If required you can make a new page focussed on the low ranked keyword. Once done submit the changed page to the search engines. If you want to know how to submit your site to the search engines read my article on search engine submission.

Given below is a great rank tracking software in the search engine industry. I would rather call it an ultimate search engine optimization tool. If you are serious to do business on the net you just cannot do without it. Read what it can do for you:

Web Position Gold Pro : An awesome ranking software, rank reporting & traffic report tool. Probably the cadillac for ranking. Its a client-side Ranking Software. Here's is what it can do for you:

Reporter - a great live traffic reports tool. It allows you to find out the search engine ranking of your website and that of your competitors for different keywords. You can also find out which of the pages in your site are listed in the search engines. It also records the position of your site over time so that you can watch out for any downward trend in the search engine ranking of your site.

Traffic Analyzer - tells you name of the search engines that are sending visitors to your site and the keywords which people are using to access your site from the search engines. You can give more importance to those keywords.

Scheduler - schedules common tasks such as reporting and submitting for after hours, thus saving you hours of valuable time.

Upload Manager - uploads the optimized pages that you create for your server.

Page Generator - helps you to automatically generate pages which are designed to obtain top positions in the major search engines.

Page Critic - analyzes the placement of keywords. It tells you how you can improve the placement of keywords in your pages in order to obtain better rankings in the search engines. It also allows you to compare the placement of keywords in your pages with the placement of keywords in your competitors' pages.

Submitter - submits the uploaded pages to the search engines. Web Position GOLD Pro knows the maximum number of submissions that are acceptable to each of the search engines in a day, and will not allow you to accidentally cross the limit, thus preventing your site from being penalized for spamming.

Web Position GOLD Pro is a topnotch program. The Reporter is by itself well worth the cost of the program. In fact, the product is so good that it received a ZD Net Labs 5 out of 5 star rating.

It also comes with an unconditional money back guarantee! It is a must for every webmaster.

Download Web Position Gold Pro

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