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Submitting your site to major search engine directory is very important. It gives you a lot of traffic and improves link popularity.

Here are the major search engine directory, in order of importance.

  • Yahoo Search Engine Directory!

    Getting your site submitted in Yahoo Search Engine Directory will cost you a little especially if you want to list in the "Shopping and Services" or "Business to Business" areas of Yahoo Search Engine! Please refer the site for current charges. However, if your site is of non-commercial nature like hobby etc. or has educational content or in regional commercial areas you can still submit for free.

    You can find more info on the paid service here:

    For instructions on how to submit

    Being in Yahoo! directory can get you quality traffic plus you will be ranked well in many search engines. Being in Yahoo Search Engine Directory also improves link popularity too.

    Do not try free listing if your site does not deserve this category. You may not get listed. Please read "Yahoo Search Engine Directory Submission Advice" before you submit.

    Yahoo Search Engine Directory Submission Advice:

    Before submitting check your site thoroughly. Make sure your site is in top shape. It should contain enough pages to impress Yahoo editors. 15-20 good informative pages will do. No under-construction pages. No dead links. No missing graphics. A well-constructed easy-to-navigate website is an added advantage.

    If your site is that of commercial nature you are required to mention the phone number, email address and physical location of your business. You can mention this in your Home Page or in a separate "Contact Us" page.

    While submitting Yahoo will ask for the Title and Description of your Website. The Title has to be the official name of your site. For example if your site is "" your Title has to be "ABC". But if your business is registered under the name "ABC Inc." and your website is "" or even "" then the Title of your site should be "ABC Inc.".

    What if somebody searches for ABC? You guessed it right your site will be displayed at no.1. That means if the Title of your site is a popular keyword or a part of a popular keyword you are in luck. You can understand why. If not, there is nothing you can do about it.

    Let's discuss how to write the description of your site. It should be a single sentence that describes what your site is all about. All words in small letters; even the first word. Try to push 2-3 very popular keywords in it. Your description should be 10-15 words with no grammatical errors or spelling mistakes. End it with a period.

    Some examples:

    A description like "Welcome to the best Internet business site" is sure to be edited by the Yahoo Search Engine editors and who knows your keyword "Internet Business" is removed. Instead you can write, "an Internet business site offering home based business to make money." Note that this description has three very popular keywords - "Internet business", "home based business" and "make money". Also note that it is much more attractive than the one written earlier and hence will get more clicks. By the way if you read these two descriptions for two sites, on which one would you click? Write an attractive description that wins clicks.

    Avoid using hypes of any sort. For example, "this is the best site for very cheap Computers and Notepads." Instead write, "offers quality but cheap Computers and Notepads."

    Do not force upon the reader your popular keyword. For example, "offers DELL, IBM COMPUTERS and NOTEPADS at CHEAP PRICE." It won't help and the Yahoo editors will edit it anyway. Only the first letter of proper nouns can be in capital letter. So the above example should be written as, "offers Dell, IBM Computers and Notepads at cheap price."

    Always submit you site to the right category in the Yahoo Search Engine Directory. For that you will have to do a little bit of research. Type your most popular keyword and search. Yahoo will display results and also certain categories. Visit the sites in these categories. Find the category that has website resembling your site's concept. This is the category where you have to submit your website.

    If yours is a commercial site you have no option but to submit it to Business and Economy > Shopping and Services or Business and Economy > Business to Business category. Submitting in this category is not free. As written earlier you have to pay $299 to Yahoo.

  • Open Directory

    You know what's the advantage of submitting your site to Open Directory? Google Search Engine gives a lot of importance to sites listed in Open Directory. AOL and Netscape take their results from Google Search Engine so you can understand the importance of your site being listed in Open Directory.

    If you want to know all the search engines that use Open Directory's database, you can find it here:

    Note that some update every month or two, whilst others are using data from several years ago.

    Another advantage of submitting to the Open Directory is that it's free. And you know what's the disadvantage? Open Directory recruits voluntary professionals as Editors. Since these editors have other priorities in life they edit at their will and time. No one is authorized to check the absence or presence of editors. The Result - the process is very slow. Sometimes the editors do not edit for years. Nevertheless, some editors edit quite frequently. You never know exactly when your site is accepted. Anyway, still submitting to Open Directory is recommended. After all you don't pay a damn and secondly the traffic will be decent, but less than what you drive through the free and paid engines. And submitting does help with a link popularity score.

    Before submitting have a look at your site. It should be in good shape with no under-construction pages. Enough and unique content is definitely an advantage. It should be in the same condition as it should be before you submit to Yahoo. Read "Yahoo Submission Advice" written above for more details.

    You will find Open Directory Submission Guidelines at:

    Here's a trick:
    Since Open Directory is slow and unpredictable and accepts volunteer editors, try yourself to be its editor. If you are trying, it's better that you select a lower or regional category and apply to be its editor. You will find it easier to become an editor of a small category than a big one. Once accepted you can apply to be the editor of the category in which you have submitted your Website. Open Directory usually recommends a new category to an old editor. Once that's done you know what to do!

    Open Directory Editorial Guidelines can be found at:

  • LookSmart

    To be evaluated you must pay $299 for the express package if you want your site to be reviewed within 48 hours. If you are not in hurry go for normal package which costs $149. Your site will be evaluated within 8 weeks. For the Express package, you can submit 5 URLs.

    LookSmart is gaining in popularity slowly. We recommend that you first try Yahoo, Open Directory, and then LookSmart.

    LookSmart has special provisions for medium to large businesses. Subscribers select and purchase certain keywords and LookSmart displays these search results first in response to specific search queries under the "Featured Listings". It's expensive and therefore not really a good option for small business. For more information visit: Small business entrepreneurs can go for a more affordable option that is known as "Site Promote". For more details visit:

    Ever since Overture has successfully implemented paid listings for their search results others have followed suit.

    AltaVista has a paid inclusion service. For subscription visit:

    Google offers AdWords program. You can buy certain keywords. Your site will be displayed at the top of search results for the keywords you buy. For more information visit:

    Fast has introduced a crawler-based paid inclusion program called "Fast PartnerSite". It allows subscribers to track and measure their results. For details visit:

    You can also mail them and contact the FAST Partner Program at:

    Lycos also has a paid inclusion program. For more details visit:

    We are highly experienced in SEO/SEM/Pay Per Click Management. Please contact us regarding any query you may have.

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