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Our Guaranteed Search Engine Optimization Services!

What can be better than free traffic from the search engines? Though it sounds good - it's a jungle out there. More then a billion web pages are competing against each other for the top 10 positions. It's no child's play to get there. So how to get there?

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Knowledge about the behavioral patterns of the search engines with respect to every major search engine day in and day out is required. Keeping track of and constant research of search engine's submission process, spidering (crawling) pattern, ranking methodologies as well as change in their overall algorithms is important. This can be a full time job that most cannot afford. Therefore search engine optimization services from a dedicated search engine consultancy company are required.

Since our business solely survives on the search engines, our search engines optimization services will give your site the strength to race ahead of the competition. Our proven techniques will guarantee a considerable increase the number of visitors from the search engines.

Here is what we will do:
1. Study your site's target audiences.
2. Develop a set of important and popular Keywords based on our study.
3. Implement those Keywords in your site without changing the look and feel of your site. This process is most important and requires a lot of thought and skill to do. If need be, we will develop a set of pages with original content based on your site and to ensure top rankings in the search engines.
4. Manually submit your site's each and every page to the search engines in a timely and ethical manner as required by the search engines.
5. Conduct an extensive link exchange program with quality sites. We will make a separate links page with the same look and feel of your site.
6. Submitting the web pages that link to your site to the search engines.

All this, as you can see, takes a little time and therefore we ask for at least 5 months from the day we start working on your project before seeing any results. After that you manage all the visitors.

FREE Offers: If you order our search engine optimization services you will get the following absolutely FREE.

We will research and find out appropriate Keywords for your site based on popularity and competitiveness that can bring a lot of targeted visitors to your site through the search engines. Even when we finish with the project these important Keywords will keep working for you.
We will develop optimized pages with the exact look and feel of your site and fill it with original content to attract traffic and bring more sales for you. (Most companies ask for about $75 per page to write content.)
We will submit your site to the search engines manually for one complete year from the date of order absolutely FREE. This is even after we have completed your project. You can call it after sales service.

Guarantee: We guarantee 4 top 10 position for your site in the major search engines we target. (The list is given below.) If you are still not satisfied with our services after we submit the listing and ranking report, we will refund the entire amount you paid us - no questions asked. The free services given to you during the duration of the project is for you to keep.

Major Search Engines Covered
Google, Yahoo, MSN, Alltheweb, Altavista, Looksmart, Excite, Lycos, HotBot & Teoma.
Guarantee 4 top 10 positions (for more please contact us)
Keywords Analysis FREE
Search Engine Submission FREE
Round the Year Assistance FREE
Listing & Ranking Report After completion of the project
Required Process Time 5 months
Total Fees US $395 Only/-
Money Back Guarantee Yes
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