The Tags and Importance of Domain Names

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To understand this article one must have some basic knowledge of HTML. However we assume that you have.

The Title Tag:

This tag is of tremendous importance to the search engines. This tag is also visible to the viewer and the first few words of this tag are displayed in the search results.

Find out some popular and your business related and words/phrases that people are looking in the search engines. Of course you can guess, but the fact is its impossible to guess the combination of keyphrases that people are typing in the search engines. There are many tools available online but we recommend Wordtracker. It is by far the most popular Keyword research tool for knowing the most popular keywords. The only thing you have to do is type a Keyword and it shows you the popularity of that Keyword plus popularity of keywords that are similar to it. That means you will also know a few more relevant Keywords for your site. They upgrade their database daily and their popularity measurement algorithm is based on search conducted for the last 330 million searches. That being the case you get to know the most recent and most popular Keywords people are typing in the search engines to locate sites.

Once you get the Keyword for which you are optimizing the page, place it somewhere in the sentence that you are going to write in the Title Tag. Remember, the nearer it is to the start of the sentence the better is the page ranked in the search engines. This is a simple but effective search engine optimization technique.

For example:

<title>Search Engine Optimization and Advice to Multiply the Traffic to Your Site</title>

Note the start of the sentence. It starts with the Keyword "Search Engine Optimization" - this is the keyword that you might be targeting.

Writing Title Tag for Search Engine Optimization is explained here in details.

The Meta Description Tag:

Both the Title and Description Tags are displayed by the search engines in their search results. Just like the Title Tag, the Description Tag also holds a lot of importance in search engine optimization.

Rules for writing the Meta Description Tag remains the same but try to finish the sentence within 15 words. The reason is that the search engines ignore whatever is there after approximately 15 words. Follow the K-I-S-S formula (Keep It Short and Simple). I know it sounds difficult, but some things are not in our hands.

For example:
<Meta name="Description" content="Free advice on Search Engine Optimization, Search Engine Ranking and Website Promotion.">

Can you make out the three popular keywords that are inserted here? Maybe all the three Keywords mean the same thing but jobs done. Also see that both the Title Tag and Description Tag are trying to say one and the same thing but in different ways. This is important - do not repeat the same sentence in both the Tags. The search engines do not like it. Moreover since both the Title and the Description tags are displayed in the search results it may irritate the viewers who will see the same sentence repeated twice.

More information on the Meta Tag is here.

The Meta Keywords Tag:

The Meta Keywords Tag is loosing its importance slowly. There was a time when the search engines looked first into this Tag, but they grew smarter with time as the webmasters used to stuff this Tag with Keywords better known only to them. You got it - there is no point in stuffing this Tag with Keywords. But there is no point in taking chances either. Just place the target keywords here in capital as well as small letters. Do not put too many keywords - just the popular ones.

For example:

<meta name="keywords" content="search engine optimization, SEO, SEARCH ENGINE OPTIMIZATION, seo, search engine ranking, search engine promotion, web site promotion, SEARCH ENGINE RANKING, SEARCH ENGINE PROMOTION, search engine positioning, search engine placement, search engine position, search engine submission">

Note the placing of the Keywords. "SEO" is separated with "seo" by "SEARCH ENGINE OPTIMIZATION" and "search engine optimization" is separated with "SEARCH ENGINE OPTIMIZATION" by "SEO". Do not place similar keywords concurrently. Do not repeat any keyword more than twice.

Importance of Domain Name:

If your Domain Name contains an important keyword phrase or even a part of a popular keyword phrase it can be of tremendous help in getting good search engine ranking. Why? Imagine a site with a domain name "" giving you information about why the trains were running late since the last two days. It's quite obvious - the search engines think that if a domain name contains a part of the keyword a searcher is looking for, it should have some relevant content or information related to the keyword.

Domain name is the last priority for the search engines. There is no way you can shoot to the top rankings of the search engines with a domain that redirects to another domain, or with a good domain having poor content.

If you are selling Jeep accessories online - the best domain would be or even But if you already own a domain do not worry, follow our advice and you can still make it to the top of the search engines.

Some people say separating two words with a dash(-) helps the search engines to find the words in your domain. A dash is an ASCII character as any other ASCII character, so in reality the the search engines find a character anyway between two words. A dash is not a space. My advice is that if you are choosing a domain with 2-3 keywords there is no need for a dash, but if you are using 4 or more words use dash for clarity.

Which one do you think is a better domain?



If you want to do it yourself you will need to do a lot of research and do it carefully. A small mistake can prove fatal and you may need to register another domain and try again.

Secondly you will have to take a lot of time to do it yourself.

We are highly experienced in SEO/SEM/Pay Per Click Management. Please contact us regarding any query you may have.

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