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Before you start doing search engine submission, double check your website page-by-page for missing links. (A missing link is a link that points to a nonexistent page.) They are also called dead links. The search engines might think your site to be "incomplete" and therefore push the rank farther down.

Once you are sure there aren't any missing links your website is ready for free search engine submission.

You will find many professional search engine submission service providers on the Internet who claim they will submit your site to thousands of search engines for free. They also claim they will improve the link popularity of your site by putting a link to your site in many websites. The free search engine submissions service providers may submit your site using self made unreliable automatic submission software which the search engines hate. In fact they may panelize your site for being submitted that way. Even if they do not, your site is unlikely to get high rankings.

Manual submission is always recommended!

The search engines want you to visit them and submit the site manually.

Apart from submitting your site to major search engines like Google, Yahoo, MSN you should also submit your site to local search engines and directories where ever possible. The Local and the Meta search engines take the help of major search engines to show their results, but if for certain keyword results are not found they display results from their database.

Some webmasters also submit their sits to FFAs. What are FFAs? They are "Free For All" promotion sites. If you have read somewhere that they will submit your site to 6000+ sites for a low cost, what they mean is they will submit your site to these FFAs.

FFAs have been in existence since around 1995. These are pages with the sole purpose of listing links. Practically anyone can post their ad on these pages for free. The problem is there is no one to monitor the system. The result is junk sites getting listed. The traffic you get from these sites will be low and very poor in quality. Since you will need to submit your email as well, these FFAs will bombard your inbox will emails everyday.

Another problem with submitting your site to FFAs is that there are many who use their services. Since most of these FFA pages have limits to the number of sites they can list at any point of time, it implies that older sites are removed from these pages as new sites are added.

This means that when you submit your site to the FFA pages using the free search engine submissions service, these FFA pages will list your site for only a few days or even a day, but will keep spamming your mailbox with junk mail for your life.

Its advisable to stay away from FFAs.

Every search engine has its own rules and ways to spider the web pages submitted to them. Some want you to submit only the home page and some let you submit each and every page of your site. We recommend you submit all your pages at least once to the search engines. You should submit no more than 5 pages a day. Once done the search engines will keep crawling your site every 2-3 weeks.

We have listed below submission URL of major search engines, you can use them to submit your website. Before you start free search engine submissions go to the submit URLs of the following search engines and research their current submission policies. Then start submitting. For your convenience the free search engine submission URL is given along with the respective search engine. Note the list constitutes of MAJOR SEARCH ENGINES only.

  • AltaVista
    Submission URL:
    To stop automatic submission through software AltaVista has come out with an interesting way that force you to visit the Website for submission. Find out by going there.

  • Google
    Submission URL:

  • HotBot
    Submission URL:
    Also note that HotBot takes its results from Inktomi. In order to register your site with HotBot, you should submit your site to Inktomi using its paid inclusion service. We recommend that you use Inktomi's paid inclusion service because it has become very difficult to get listed in Inktomi without paying.

  • Fast
    Submission URL:

    Other search engines? It's not necessary to submit to any other engines. WHY?

  • AOL
    It takes its results from Google. In order to register your site with AOL, you should submit your site to Google.

  • MSN
    You are listed automatically in MSN's Search Engine when you submit to Inktomi. Use Inktomi's paid inclusion service because it has become very difficult to get listed in Inktomi without paying.

  • Netscape
    You are listed automatically in Netscape's Search Engine when you submit to Inktomi. Also, Netscape uses Google as a secondary Search Engine. To get registered in Netscape submit your site to Google and Inktomi.

  • WebCrawler
    You are listed automatically in WebCrawler when you submit to Excite.

  • IWon
    IWon takes its results from Google. In order to register your site with IWon, you should submit your site to Google.

  • Lycos
    In US nobody cares for Lycos anymore, but Lycos UK is still popular.
    Lycos is fed by Alltheweb (FAST) who are still taking and spidering free submissions at their add URL page. To get listed in Lycos submit to FAST.

    Note: Once your site is submitted there's a lag before your pages actually show up in search results. First it will be "spidered" by the search engines. It means the search engines will take a snapshot of all your pages. New sites are dumped in a different database. They do not show up in the results for at least 5-6 months.

    We recommend you submit your site to the major directories too. One of these directories "Yahoo" can bring you very targeted traffic.

    Some of the major directories where you should try to get listed are:


    Open Directory

    There is difference between submitting a site to the search engines and the directories. The directories rank a site on the basis of the Title and the Description of the site that were submitted while the site was being registered. The directories often have human editors who decide whether your site is worth including in their directory or not. Whereas the search engines send a program (software also called as Robot) to visit the site and decide its worth.

    You can find information on submission to major search engine directory here. You will learn how to submit your website to major directories like Yahoo and Open Directory.

    We are highly experienced in SEO/SEM/Pay Per Click Management. Please contact us regarding any query you may have.

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