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Learn How to Become an SEO Expert Yourself - Get the Same SEO Training We Got to Get Our Site Optimized for the Search Engines!

From the desk of San Christopher

Dear Internet Friend,

In a short time from now you will know How An Internet Webmaster Built FIVE High-Traffic Websites, and He Did It - Using Nothing Else But Search Engine Listings - No High-Priced SEO Expert Needed At All - It's THAT Simple!

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And wait - Even we took help of this SEO expert to make sure we stay in this business of search engine optimization and stay ahead! We just listened to him and did exactly as he said and in just 4 months we were in SEO business. We want to share this great information with You.

If you have just about a half-hour to read and apply Peter Clark's valuable information, then you can do the exact same thing with your own websites... Starting As Early As Today...

And this ebook will teach you more than a volume of encyclopedias would because Peter J Clark has proven it, and so have I, and so have many other webmasters who want to raise themselves in the search engines without spending a ton of money on the SEO experts!

Don't worry if you do not have any knowledge of search engine optimization - this ebook will teach you from scratch in plain and simple English.

This might just freak you out... a product with useful tips that actually work for you, minus all the fluffy padding pages. This ebook has the bare-bones real stuff that you can easily do to help your websites become more visible, and exactly how to do it without needing a rocket-scientist's degree!

Below is Dirk Dupon's story about how you are even going to be able to get your hands on this powerful ebook by Peter J. Clark at all (and you can read a short bio about Peter following it, if you like) and believe me, it's *very* easy to read and to use:

Here's Dirk's story:

"Over the last few months, I watched a savvy friend of mine build successful web sites entirely from search engine traffic. And, no, he didn't have to pay a fortune to some SEO agent, either! (To me, that was the very BEST part!)

And although he was happy to show me exactly how easily he did it, he didn't really want to spill the beans to anyone else.

You can imagine that it drove me crazy wanting to share it with you, because I know firsthand how hard it is to get yourself "known" on the internet, or even get your site seen in the first place.

Peter had illustrated exactly how he'd built some serious traffic, and he produced statistics proving it had worked and I couldn't even pass on this valuable information to my customers and subscribers. I had been sworn to *secrecy*....

But I wasn't going to give up... I wanted you to have it, too! After a series of emails and phone calls (can you spell 'begging') Peter finally caved in."

Now, for the first time ever, his exact system has been fully documented in a concise, easy to read, plain English, ebook. Simple, affordable, and best of all... you can make it work for you, too!

Peter J. Clark

About the author Peter J. Clark:

Author Peter J. Clark has been a marketing copy writer, technical writer, journalist and author since the early nineties. He writes news and other content for The Wise Marketer, and manages the site's customer relationships and communications.

He also designs, creates and maintains corporate web sites with a strong community or marketing focus, and is a published authority on web site use-ability and credibility. His creations include The Wise Marketer, Adoption Tracker, and 49th.NET. He's very knowledgable and very approachable, as well.

Here's a harsh fact about too doggone many of the books on search engine strategy...

Many of the ebooks and reports on 'search engine strategy' are either utter junk or they are priced so high that most of us just cringe. And sadly, some of them are nothing more than a bunch of out-dated ideas and information you can get for free if you like researching the web for a few hours a day.

But, you'll soon see that this one is different.... simply because Peter has proven his system FIVE times over, and he uses techniques that are all safe, all legitimate, and some that you won't have seen in print before.

But, you'll soon see that this one is different - simply because Peter has proven his system FIVE times over, and he uses techniques that are all safe, all legitimate, and some that you won't have seen in print before.

Here is a sample of what you will find in this amazing eBook:

  • How to use Overture to boost your rankings without paying a penny in pay-per-click fees.

  • One type of heading you should always use (and six that you shouldn't).

  • How to safely cross link for maximum benefit (and this method won't get you banned).

  • How and where to submit your site so it takes minimum time but gives maximum exposure.

  • One method no one ever thinks of that's been responsible for some MAJOR traffic. I've not seen this in any other ebook on the subject. This one technique alone is easily worth the tiny price of the eBook.

  • Forget what you already know about keyword density. This eBook tells you what you need to know and makes it easy.

What's amazing to me is how others try to fill hundreds of pages with so called strategy. Peter has summarized his entire formula into this powerful SEO ebook.

You can read this in less than thirty minutes and start putting it into effect right away for yourself on all of your own websites. Ok, let me order it!


All of the methods given here are 100% legitimate. You WILL NOT get banned for using these methods.

Peter has proven this system FIVE times over (and more since he wrote this!) with different web sites on different subjects, using his own strategies he's sharing.

• None of the ideas need expensive software or tools.

You do not need to have any prior experience with search engines.

• You do not need to be an expert at HTML.

This eBook won't take you weeks to wade through and leave you with dozens of unanswered questions.

But we haven't got to the best part yet...

How much is a good search engine ranking worth to you and your business?

How many more orders and inquiries would it bring to you for your product or service?

How ever you look at it, a good search engine listing is great advertising and although Peter could have easily insisted this eBook was sold for hundreds of dollars - you're going to get it all for less than the cost of a small classified in a tiny ezine.

So how much will this special eBook cost you?

This is really insane - I know it's worth ten times the price to you in value...

You can download your own copy right away for just $19.95 and get access to it in just a few minutes! (No, that isn't a misprint, I've already seen this product priced elsewhere on the internet for $29.95 and am considering seriously raising my price as well, but for right now, I'm keeping it affordable because I understand a tight budget when you're getting started online.

Note: We REALLY benefitted from reading this ebook. Our business has increased tremendously after implementing the strategies written in the ebook.


Yours Now for just $19.95

Click here to Order this eBook NOW

NOTE: If you do not have a credit card or having problems paying online, you can send payments by PayPal. Please send all payments to We will send you the eBook by email.

NOTE: ALL Orders Via Secure SSL Servers

You can look forward to finding your site well-positioned on the search engines in just a few short weeks from now using Peter's excellent information. I've seen it happen with my own website, so I know it works, and it will work for you, as well.

Respectfully yours,
San Christopher

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If you have any questions, please don't hesitate to contact me and if you have any problems with the order buttons or downloading, I'll be happy to manually process your order for you because this little SEO ebook is really THAT important for you to own. You can email me at!

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P.P.S. Get your copy of "Hitting The Search Engines" today, so you can get started optimizing your sites with Pete's amazingly simple but POWERFUL tips right away! As an added incentive, I will ALSO include a solo email template for you to use to promote this terrific product to your list, right inside the Resell Rights Package. These days, we need all the great business tools we can find!

Ok, I'm convinced! I *need* this ebook!

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