Writing Title Tag For High Search Engine Ranking

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The Title Tag:

The Title Tag is written like this:

<TITLE>Your title comes here</TITLE>

Where "Your title comes here" should be replaced with important keywords in the form of a compact sentence. We discuss further down what we mean by this.

Note: Unlike the Keyword and Description tags the Title tag is displayed in the top bar of your Web browser. They don't appear anywhere on the actual Web page. (In Internet explorer it's usually displayed in white with green background, though it may differ from browser to browser.)

The Title Tag is one of the most important factors in achieving high search engine ranking.

You may have noticed Web pages with the Title tag as "Home Page" or "Default" or "Index Page" or stuff like that. Actually the Website designers who are beginners simply don't know how to use Title tag for maximum benefit. They write anything they feel comfortable writing in the Title Tag.

All search engines use Title tag to gather information about your Website. When search engines display their results it is the Title tag of the Page that is displayed as hyperlink text. People click this hyperlink to go to your site. A title should be able to say least what the user will get if they click on it. If they feel the title is of no importance to them they may ignore it. Title tag is also very important in determining your site's ranking with the search engines. We will know farther down why!

What to write in Title tag:

The words you put in the tag are very important. Many webmasters innocently write name of the company in the Title tag. This is fine if yours is a big popular company like IBM or DELL since chances are people may search your company by name, but otherwise they search for services or products.

Lets look at an example. If your company is called "ABC Consultants Inc." and specializes in real estate and related services in Florida, then a title by the name "ABC Consultants Inc." will be fruitless. Even if your site gets top rank, the title may confuse the reader and take away a chunk of traffic. This you do not want. How about the title "Real Estate"? OK. How about the title "Real Estate services in Florida" or "Real Estate services - Florida"? This is perfect. Real Estate was good but its scope is wide not specific. Somebody looking for Real Estate services in Texas might click on your site but leave it soon after she realizes its of no use to her. Your goal should be reach targeted customers and not just get useless traffic. By writing "Real Estate services in Florida" you are making very clear to the reader that your services are specific to Florida only - this results in useful traffic.

People looking for real estate services in Florida usually start searching for keyword phrase "Real Estate", however when they find out the search engines are returning sites from all over the world they narrow their search and might type the keyword "Real Estate services in Florida". This is when you want your site to be right there on the first page of new results.

If you insist the presence of your company's name in the title tag, use it at the end of the tag. "Real Estate services in Florida - ABC Consultants Inc." Nothing wrong since the surfer still reads what she is looking for.

Putting name of the company after the important phrase solves two purpose. The surfer wants to read what she needs first - she gets that i.e."Real Estate services in Florida" and second the search engine gives more weight to the words that appear first in the title tag. Simple, a title "Real Estate services in Florida - ABC Consultants Inc." ranks better than "ABC Consultants Inc. - Real Estate services in Florida". Using the name of your company also in a way advertises your company since its displayed in the search results.

So far so good. But does this give your page top search engine ranking? To give you a little more pain - Title Tag should be very popular keywords and phrases.

What happens when most people looking for real estate services in Florida type the keyword phrase "Florida Real Estate" rather than "Real Estate services in Florida"? You guessed it right - a page having the title "Florida Real Estate" ranks better than yours.

Make a list of the popular keywords for your site and put them in the Title tag of the specific page. The search engines display approximately about 60 characters of your title tag. This gives you space to fill the title tag with two or more popular keyword.

So now you can write your title as "Florida Real Estate - Find Real Estate services in Florida". This becomes a very powerful title tag for the search engines as well as your potential customers. Did you note something? Most popular keyword is written first followed by the second most popular keyword. Follow this principal and get the best of both worlds - the search engines and potential customers.

The second keyword is turned into sentence without disturbing the placing of the words in the actual keyword. This is done to make the title look smart. The search engines find your title anyway.

For getting high search engine ranking write your title as:

<TITLE>keyword 1 ... keyword 2 ... keyword 3…</TITLE>

Where keyword 1, keyword 2, keyword 3… are important keyword with respect to popularity. The most important keyword written first followed by the second most important keyword and so on. Make it a compact attractive sentence within 60 characters. No grammar and no spelling mistakes.

Most of the search engines are not case sensitive. Writing your title in any case won't bother them, however if you do not want to take chances you can repeat the most popular keyword in upper case considering you don't forget the space limit.

Do not ever write the same word twice concurrently. For example a title like "Real Estate, Estate Real Florida" is likely to make the search engines angry. The search engines think that you are forcing a keyword on them hence its not recommended. You can of course write "Real Estate, Real Estate Florida". Note that the two "Estate" are separated by the word "Real". This is fine as far as the search engines are concerned.

One last thing. Try to use keywords and phrases that are present in the Title tag somewhere in the text on your page at least once else the search engines might feel you have used Title only for getting a good search engine ranking and that it has nothing to do with the web page. Possibility is you might be pushed farther down in their ranking.

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