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Content is the king. Content is one of the most important factor determining good search engine ranking. If your content is good the search engines will like it, the visitors will like it and also other webmasters will like it. If the search engines like it - you get top rankings. If visitors like it - you make more sales. If webmasters like it - they will link to your site and your link popularity will improve. So you gain a lot with good content.

However to get good ranks for popular search terms you will have to keep a few things in mind. We will discuss now.

The most important thing to remember before getting to write down the content of a Webpage is the phrases or the keywords you are targeting. For example if your page is about website hosting, your target keyword could be "website hosting" or "domain hosting" or "web hosting" etc. It's always better to optimize a single page for a single keyword. Like you can sail in only one boat, if you try to sail in two you get drowned.

If a single page is focused and optimized for one popular keyword, its more likely that it gets a top rank in search engines, else the page doesn't get a good rank for either of the two keywords. If you are targeting a lot of keywords, there is a simple solution - make different keyword rich pages.

This idea has a benefit. As your organization grows with time, you can keep adding pages and hence targeting more keywords without much changing your Website. Of course do not forget to link the new page from one of the pages of your site.

The best idea is to make a page that has links to all the pages of your Website. This page should be linked from your index or home page. Now, automatically all your pages are interconnected and therefore accessible for the search engines. That being the case you can submit only this single page to the search engines and they will themselves find all the pages. Whenever you add a new page just add another link in the link-to-all page that points to the new page.

If you find it difficult, we can do the job for you. Please contact us and we will do it for you.

Guess one keyword or a phrase that a user could type to reach your Website through the search engines and find it useful enough. Your emphasis should be on targeted traffic rather than just useless traffic.

The first guess is yours, then there are a lot of tools that can help you. Don't guess a single word keyword or phrase. First they are very wide and are not specific, second it's very difficult to optimize a page for a single word keyword.

Once you have guessed the keyword go to Wordtracker Keyword Suggestion Tool. This is one of the best tool to know popular keywords people are typing in the major search engines to look for information.

Type your keyword at The Wordtracker Keyword Suggestion Tool. Wordtracker displays a list of similar keywords along with the number of times they were used while searching. This is based on a formulae. The importance of a keyword is decided taking into consideration more than 300 million search queries over the last 60 days done on the Internet in the major search engines. They update their database daily, so you get the latest information on popular keywords.

Obviously the most popular keyword will be displayed on top. Note these keywords in order of their importance. Similarly try for some more keywords. For example if your site provides domain hosting services you could type "web hosts", "website hosting", "domain hosting", "hosting services" etc. You will have to guess what a user might type to look for information or services or products your site is providing. With a little bit of research you can make a list of a few very popular keywords which you can use to optimize your Website.

This is the most important step, half of the battle will be won here. The right keywords means the right customers and the wrong ones will obviously get you wrong customers. So be VERY careful.

If you find this difficult, we can choose the RIGHT keywords for your site. Please contact us, and we will do the job for you.

Once the list of very popular keywords is ready, open any text-editor. Open a new page, write down the first keyword and save the page by the same name. For example if the keyword is "web site promotion" save the page by the name web-site-promotion. Now is some real job ahead. Think of a nice sentence that STARTS with "web site promotion". Write it down. Then write two more sentences that should tell the reader what-is-there-for-her in your Website. The first three sentences should be smart enough to convey the reader (remember for you she is a customer) what benefits she can get form your services or products. The sentence should begin with the keyword. Write one more sentence that contains the keyword as well as promotes your company. Change the paragraph. Begin another sentence with the keyword. Again write a few sentences. End the paragraph with a sentence that has the keyword in it. Follow the same rules to make three to four paragraphs.

Your word count should not exceed 300, and the keyword repeated at least 15 times. That brings us to an ideal WKR (Word-Count Keyword Ratio) for getting good search engine ranking. The ideal WKR is 300:15. That means for a page that has a word count of 300 repeat the keyword at least 15 times.

Save the page. Repeat the whole process for another keyword. Once you have done with all the keywords, use any HTML Editor to copy paste the materials into a new page with the same name. For example if you have copy-pasted the contents of the page "web-site-promotion", save the page as "web-site-promotion.html" or "web-site-promotion.htm" as the case may be.

Your job is nearly done. Upload the pages in your domain. Submit the new pages to the search engines. Wait for them to index your pages and its possible that you start getting top ranks for these keywords.

All this takes a lot of time and patience. If you think you can do it alone and DO IT RIGHT, try yourself, else take the help of professionals. Remember if you are doing it yourself, you got to do it right THE VERY FIRST TIME else things can get a bit difficult. Once the new pages are indexed they are brought back to the databases of the search engines. The search engines use this database to calculate through their algorithms what position your page will hold for a certain keyword at run time. Since they re-index after a long time, you will have to wait for that much amount of time and try your luck again.

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